Prowl + PHP / MySqL Get Value

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Prowl + PHP / MySqL Get Value

Postby thyagol » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:43 pm

Before I used the, but now closed, so I had to migrate to Prowl.

With Pushmeto, I used the following codes to receive notification push on the iPhone:

pushMeTo('thyagol', 'ID: '.$cad->nextID.' xxxExamplexxxx '.$prot->protege($_POST["XXX_Plano"]).' - xxxExemplexxx!',');

Now I'm using php-prowl code

I tried several ways include such codes in message push the prowl, but could not.

I can only get the basics.

$result = $prowl->send("example", "example"); <-- (works, i receive push notification on iphone)

Anyone know how to include such commands on the prowl code?

'ID: '.$cad->nextID.'

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