[Feature Request] Silent/Invisible Push

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[Feature Request] Silent/Invisible Push

Postby daniboy » Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:41 pm

For my home automation system I'd like to know if I'm home by pinging my iPhone. But since the phone is in standy most of the time, pinging fails most times.
I'd like to wake the phone by sending an invisible notification (and this way forcing it to connect to wifi) and then ping it, to see if it's there.
Of course, one way to do this would be to activate Prowl's "Do not Disturb" mode and send all notifications I want to see with highest priority, but then the notifcations I use to wake the phone still increase the badge and are visible in the log.

So my idea was to have an option that the messages with the lowest priority won't be displayed (or just adding a new prioritiy for this purpose). Is there any possibility this will be implemented?

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