~10 second launch delay - LiveCams swiped from home screen

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~10 second launch delay - LiveCams swiped from home screen

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Hello! I've always loved your app - it's still my primary notification system for numerous types of alerts in both my personal and professional lives.

I've experienced one issue since the iOS 7 update that I've been meaning to bring to someone's attention, but just told myself I would try to be patient to see if it resolves itself. After many months, I'm still noticing this issue, so I'm hoping this forum is the best place to share.

I've found that this issue is unique to notifications with that are configured to open up the "LiveCams" app upon swiping them. So perhaps this is not even a Prowl issue - I'm not sure where the delay lies. Basically, I get a Prowl alert that I've then configured to allow me to swipe on the home screen and automatically open up LiveCams to investigate further ... however, immediately after swiping (and unlocking with passcode), I see a blank/frozen Prowl notification list for ~10 seconds until the "LiveCams" app is finally launched. It's very reproducible. It's gotten to the point that whenever I get a security alert, I will not even swipe across the Prowl notification ... I will, instead, just unlock the phone, navigate to the LiveCam app myself because I can consistently save ~5 seconds by doing so.

I would much rather be able to instantly see who's at the front door by simply swiping the Prowl notification without delay like I could do prior to iOS 7.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help test this further - I would appreciate anything you can do to help resolve this! I can try to capture a video of the behavior if it would help.
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