[VIDEO] 10 second delay during redirects

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[VIDEO] 10 second delay during redirects

Postby kosmokramer » Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:52 pm


I posted a while back about the long delay encountered during Prowl redirects. I originally thought it was just me, but I now see other users are experiencing the same frustrating issue.

I spent some time today to make a video that clearly shows the problem. In this example, I have "sickbeard" notifications configured to redirect to the eBay app: https://vid.me/Usk

You can see the notification is near instant (me clicking "test" in Sickbeard in the background immediately triggers a push notification), and the Prowl app is opened after I unlock the phone. However, as always is the case with redirects, the Prowl app locks up for a good 10 seconds before completing the redirect.

I've tried this with various notifications and redirect apps and it's always the same result.

Can you please review the video above and respond to this issue? I love the app and would be thrilled if this could be resolved finally as I see you are still updating!

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