Growl, Skype and Incoming Calls

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Growl, Skype and Incoming Calls

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So I recently downloaded both Growl and Prowl to get push notifications from Skype to my iPhone. However, I am able to get notifications from Skype for everything except incoming calls. I have everything set up correctly and I do not have the Skype preference issue.

I saw this thread thread which replicates my problem exactly but I don't see a resolution to the issue and I wanted to find out if there ever was one.


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Re: Growl, Skype and Incoming Calls

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I also was searching for a solution to this problem and trying a few things.

I was able to get notifications to my iPhone via Growl > Prowl !!

The way I made this happen was to use Skype version and the latest Growl (1.2). The Skype version is really old but that's ok cause I am actually using Skype on the iPhone. This way I don't have to leave Skype running on the iPhone (I guess that's what most of us are trying to do).

My computer is an iMac running OSX 10.5.8. I got the old version of Skype from

Also I used the command recommended in another thread --> defaults write SKUseGrowl -bool TRUE
I am not sure if the above command is necessary but I did it.

So it seems the problem is with the newer versions of Skype? Is this done intentionally? Seems like they're aware of it. >

Hope this is helpful to others.