Growl doesn't work properly

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Growl doesn't work properly

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(Sorry for my bad English)

I downloaded Growl few days ago. Everything seemed to be working properly but then I closed my MBP. Adium notifications stopped working so did Safari notifications. I tried to reinstal it. Growl notifications for Safari started working again but Adium notifications did not. I played with setting a lil bit and I get it working. For a while... After closing my MBP notifications for Safari stopped working. I read few articles here and I find out that GrowlSafari wasnt on. So I get it working. I did some studies for my universtity test, closed my laptop few times and problems are back again. Currently only Safari and Mail notifications are working properly. Mail notifications are the only notifications that are working without any problems.

Growl 1.2
Adium 1.3.8
Safari 4.0.3
Mac OS X 10.6.1

I just restarted my laptop. GrowlSafari is not running. And notifications for Adium are not running too. I am new to mac but I am sure that everything is set well.

I found Growl must have App for Mac. So keep up the great work and help me solve this problems :D

EDIT 2: Somehow I managed to get it working. When I placed GrowlSafari into login apps (or whatever it is called) Safari and Adium notifications were working properly. I am not sure if GS is the case or I accidentally switched some button somewhere. Anyway.. Its working now.. so may close this topic.. thanks...