Network Problems

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Network Problems

Post by dsimmons »

I'm not a complete newb on networking, but I seem to be having trouble getting growl notification to work across the network.

On the sending computer, I enable the network options, set a password, tell it to forward messages, click next to the computer I want to forward it to, then set the password next to it.

On the receiving computer, I do the exact same, except not enabling forwarding ot clicking next to the computer. Notification is not working. Am I doing something wrong?


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Post by Diggory »

There is a small bug in most of the localisations in 0.7 (including English) - the "forward notifications to other hosts" checkbox is not properly bound to the code - so checking that box on the sending machine - may not actually do anything (you can check this by quitting the prefpane and starting it again - and checking if the checkbox has honoured your preferences (i.e. is still checked).)

This is fixed in the forthcoming 0.7.1 - in the mean time, as a work-around you can modify the value of the preference by using the following command:

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defaults write 'com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp' GrowlEnableForward x

Where 'x' is either 1 - for enable forwarding, or 0 for disable forwarding.
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Network: "remote app registration" checkbox

Post by JCV »


I've been dying for a network option to brodcast growls on my EyeTV-Mac :-)
So far, no luck: the computers (Mediacenter.local and iMac.local) see each others in the panes alright, and I've applied the terminal command below as well...
But the "remote app registration" checkbox stays unchecked on each Mac, which means "Mediacenter.local" doesn't receives the iMac's Growls... I am not sure if it's the same local bug (looks like it) or something else... But it's frustrating :-)

Hope you can help,
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