documentation on coalescing?

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documentation on coalescing?

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I can't find it in the developer doc. Where can I find it?
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Coalescing is currently only documented in the headerdocs. Those are in the Docs/HeaderDoc directory in the source bzball. Or just look for GROWL_NOTIFICATION_IDENTIFIER in GrowlApplicationBridge.h
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In case people don't want to download the source - here's the relevant text:

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 *   @abstract An identifier for the notification for coalescing purposes.
 *   Notifications with the same identifier fall into the same class; only
 *   the last notification of a class is displayed on the screen. If a
 *   notification of the same class is currently being displayed, it is
 *   replaced by this notification.
 *    Optional. Not supported by all display plugins.

You add another key-value pair to the notification dictionary.

GROWL_NOTIFICATION_IDENTIFIER is the key - and the value will be used as the identifer - notifications with the same ID will coalesce.