Uploading Files with AppleScript

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Uploading Files with AppleScript

Post by jonro »

I'm trying to upload files to an FTP site using AppleScript. It appears that everything is working correctly except that it won't upload anything. i get an error message of "NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError."

I know I'm passing the filepath, but don't know if it is looking for a different format. Also, I set the initial directory as "/", but don't know if I need to do that or not.

I hope someone has an idea of what the (probably simple) problem is. Thanks.
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Post by dkocher »

The sample upload script on the disk image has an error; please refer to http://cvs.cyberduck.ch/cyberduck-cocoa ... 20Samples/ for an updated version.
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Post by jofori »

Dear dkocher,

I would like to personally thank you for the link, i could not find a working script anywhere on the web (3 hours), saw your link and in 5 secs I had completed a automated sync wih my host.

Just need to find out how to use automator to get the script to run when I'm logged out of the machine...is it possible is it the simplest way?

Any ideas?

Once again many regards