Long Hanging in Up/Downloading

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Long Hanging in Up/Downloading

Postby smm » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:05 pm

I've seen some grumblings from others that may be having the same problem. I thought I'd post a more thorough explanation of what's happening and tests I've done. Thanks for a great FTP application!


Cyberduck has been, for the last few versions, hanging with EVERY upload and download regardless of the host or file type. I wish I could be more specific as to when it started but I don't remember the Cyberduck version when it began. I wish I could remember so I can go back to that version!

I'm using a PowerPC G5 running OS X 10.5.5 with plenty of RAM. Recent versions of both Cyberduck and OS X have seen this behavior. In other words, I remember this happening in OS X 10.5.4 and possible 10.5.3 too, not just recently under 10.5.5.

On my MacBook Pro running an Intel CPU, there is no significant delay at all with transfers. Cyberduck is very snappy and satisfactory.


On my G5: after Cyberduck launches (which takes a similarly long amount of time), ANY transfer up or down will take at least 25 seconds.

Specifically, when dragging files from or to the Finder, the green "+" button and arrow cursor shows up and stays on screen for almost 15 seconds. Then the spinning beach ball cursor starts for 5 seconds or so. Finally, the Cyberduck "Transfers" window pops up and another 5 or so seconds go by as the download almost actually starts.

Needless to say, this is an annoyingly long time for every simple transfer and makes me long for another solution as my G5 is my main production machine.


This delay happens if I choose the File menu -> Download command as well as dragging and dropping.

Single or multiple files selected makes no difference.

These are all passive FTP connections. I'm not doing anything secure or otherwise complicated.

The hosts I'm connecting to are varied. Some are shared hosts and others are not. Some are slower and some are enterprise level and speedy hosts with very responsive connections.

File type makes no difference. 50+mb MP3 files or 2kb text files require the same delay.

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