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Tip:Fix a slow duck

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:33 pm
by xgen
I use cyberduck every day to upload lots of files. I found cyberduck getting slower and slower until it was to the point of launch CD and wait 3 mins for GUI to load. Connect to a FTP server 30 seconds then go find the file I want to upload. Click on the duck icon and wait 2 mins for the cyberduck GUI window to come back.

I found what was causing the problem. I keep my transfer window open and allow CD to keep all of the transfers log as a "paper trail" of what files I have uploaded. As I have been running CD for about a year on this computer I have amassed 1000s nay, 10,000s of files in the transfer window log. It took me a while but clicking on the transfer window and doing a command+a to select all items and then clicking on the remove icon, seems to have solved my problems. I have also made the tweak in the preferences to remove items from the transfer window after upload / download.

Give it a try if you have a slow duck. If this tweak works for you, drop a comment below.


Re: Tip:Fix a slow duck

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:12 am
by bugmenot2
It worked!! So simple, and yet it made all the difference. Thank you, I thought I was going to have to put my poor sick duck down until I found this easy fix.

Re: Tip:Fix a slow duck

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:37 pm
by carlstaff
I have been struggling with the CD slowness for months now. It never occurred to me to delete the transfer record. Amazing, works like it did when new. Which brings up a feature request for record export from the transfer window. Having that record, it could be stored wherever for review. :bitchin: