Synchronization won't delete files

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Synchronization won't delete files

Postby adamneilandavis » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:44 pm

I'm using the File > Synchronize command to synchronize a local folder and a remote folder. Here is the problem I'm having.

1) I delete a file in my local folder.
2) I use Cyberduck to browse to the remote folder.
3) I select File > Synchronize.
4) I choose the local folder.
5) The Transfers window appears and displays a list of changes.
6) I choose the "Mirror" option.
7) I click the Continue button.
8) The deleted file is downloaded from the remote folder.
9) The transfer status shows "Transfer incomplete".

Is this a feature or bug? Does the synchronization feature in Cyberduck delete files on the remote server when they are deleted on the local machine?

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