Resume bug? Resume keeps apending to destination

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Resume bug? Resume keeps apending to destination

Postby d0dja » Tue May 26, 2009 4:14 pm

I've had a constant problem with Cyberduck resume, but have seen no other references to it.

When uploading a large file, I try resume when it interrupts, and it backs off some, then starts uploading again, apending to the file material already uploaded... and keeps on doing this until the destination file is much larger than the source.

Cyberduck seems to lose track of what it's uploaded, and resumes from the wrong point.

E.g -- I upload 352MB of 698MB file... connection interrupted, it resumes, but starts back at 250MB uploaded and carries on... connection interrupted at 418MB, it resumes from 350MB and keeps going. When the destination had reached 719MB I could see something was broken.

This has happened several times.

How do I go about working out what's going on? I shut the app since used it, so log is empty. Is it stored somewhere? Anyone else see this prob?

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Re: Resume bug? Resume keeps apending to destination

Postby dalexgray » Fri May 29, 2009 4:53 pm

I'm having this same problem. Resume used to work fine for me, since updating (to 3.2) resume is broken. After a few restarts, the 800 MB file I was trying to upload via FTP is now 1.8 GB on my server and totally useless.
Also I can not properly stop transfers since updating. Pressing stop just removes the progress bar but the upload continues. Only pressing stop repeatedly has any effect.

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