First failed attempt at connecting is extremely long

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First failed attempt at connecting is extremely long

Postby manducasexta » Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:37 am

I spend a lot of my day connected to a remote server via SSH, both in a terminal and cyberduck. cyberduck is fantastic at nearly everything, but i've noticed one oddity. when my connection is lost, it takes an extremely long time (minutes) to produce an error. But if I click "Cancel" rather than "Retry" in the resulting error dialog window, Cyberduck reopens the connection quickly and things progress without a hitch.

I've looked through the settings for something that might reduce the delay. My connection preferences are set to 30 seconds for "timeout for opening connections." Repeat failed networking tasks is checked; the delay is set to 10 seconds and the number of retries is one. Based only on a simple reading of those settings, I would expect it to take 10 seconds, or possibly 40, for Cyberduck to decide the connection has been lost.

Any suggestions welcome.


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