Fixing URL on iWeb/Cyberduck

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Fixing URL on iWeb/Cyberduck

Postby swalkerk » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:11 pm


I'm having difficulties with my domain url. I think the problem is a combination of how I'm saving my site on iWeb and how I've uploaded it into cyberduck.

Here's what I want: The website to appear simply as from my homepage, or from the contact page, from the about page, etc.

Instead, when i click on my website in my cyberduck ftp and select "open url", the url that opens in my browser is When I click on one of my site tabs, such as "photos", it takes me to this page:

I understand where the Site_3 part is coming from. On iWeb, this particular site is saved as "Site 3". When I re-saved the site as "mydomain", the url from cyberduck became

How do I get rid of all of this extra url nonsense, so that instead of having to type etc etc., one can just type in the simple domain name that i've registered?

Any and all help is appreciated

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