Cyberduck downloads from iDisk keep stalling

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Cyberduck downloads from iDisk keep stalling

Postby redsteven2 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:18 am

Sadly, I've had better experience downloading from my iDisk with the Finder than I have with CyberDuck.

I downloaded a ~700 meg file overnight from my iDisk through the Finder. No issue there.

With CyberDuck it doesn't go quite as smoothly. Everything starts off fine. Download's going at a few hundred kilobytes a second. Everybody's happy.

And then all of a sudden, the throughput starts dropping slowly. Well, at least that's what CyberDuck says. I guess CyberDuck calculates the dl speed by averaging, which is why it appears to slowly drop according to CyberDuck (it takes a while to go from 300 kb/s to 0 kb/s), even though iStat menus, iStat Pro, and Activity Monitor all indicate an abrubt change from 300 Kb/s to 0 kb/s (and i mean REALLY ABRUBT....)

But the thing is, if I stop and resume the download, everything is fine again. Or at least, it's fine again for another minute or two, because then CyberDuck's download stalls again.

When my download speed is low (less than 20 kb/s) I don't experience this problem. But laaaaaate at night... or early in the morning, when the network traffic at school here is at its lowest, and my DL speeds are a few hundred kilobytes a second, this problem crops up consistently.

I've tried both CyberDuck 3.2.1 and the 3.3b3 beta, and experienced the same issue with both.

I'm running OS 10.5.8 on a first generation 15" unibody macbook pro

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