SFTP very slow (still)

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SFTP very slow (still)

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I decided to try Cyberduck another time, after abandoning it due to poor speeds over SSL connections. I love the interface and features of Cyberduck, so I was really hoping it could become my remote file transfer program.

I just downloaded 3.3 (5552) and tried to grab a 700 MB file via SFTP from my server. It went at about 130 KB/sec over my cable broadband internet connection. I knew that was way too slow. So stopped the transfer in Cyberduck and immediately cranked up lftp on the command line to resume it. It's running at about 400-500 KB/sec. It's the same server, same file, same broadband connection, just seconds later.

I saw various threads on speed, but no resolution. Is this a known issue? Is it something special about my server, e.g. that it uses a non-standard port, that is getting Cyberduck upset? I don't understand why it's so slow.

Some people mentioned switching from SFTP to SCP using the preferences, but I couldn't find the option. Did I miss it?

Since this is open source, has anybody considered swapping in the lftp code for SFTP transfers?

I'm running Cyberduck 3.3 (3352) on Snow Leopard (fully updated) on a pretty new MacBook Pro with 4 GB of memory.

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Re: SFTP very slow (still)

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The SCP option is in Cyberduck -> Preferences -> SFTP -> Transfer files using [pulldown] SCP.

I have a Macbook Pro on a moderately high-speed cable connection and I'm getting no better than 73 Kbit/sec using SCP. (Using SFTP, it was 26 Kbit/sec -- so there is a difference.) I wonder whether this is the source server's problem or something inherent to Cyberduck. My server admin suggests using multipart or multithread modes, but I don't see this as available on Cyberduck, at least not in the graphical interface. I would be damned happy with 150 or 500 Kbit/sec, but I understand that it's frustrating if you're able to and usually do get better flow.