Accentuated letters with UTF-8 encoding

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Accentuated letters with UTF-8 encoding

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I'm not able to classify that as a feature, a bug or a missunderstanding from my side :

I'm using cyberduck (build 5552) on a 10.5 OS X from today and the server is proftpd (UTF-8 aware)

When I send a file that contains for example this letter : "é" in the file's name, the resulting file got this in it's name :
0x 65 CC 81 ( wich is U+0301 = e + accent aigu) on server side

Also it looks good at the UTF-8 spec, é is more often encoded by 0x C3 A9 (é directly)

In fact, this causes me different incompatibility trouble with other ftp client implémentation, network sharing, and so on.

Also I totally agree, this should be fixed in other implementation which looks broken, as cyberduck doesn't seams to be blamed, that would however make life a little easier to encode accentuated letters "the more common way"

( One last explanation would be that I'm such a terrible moron when it comes to OS X... but I've not been able to track down my problem)

Edit : let's try to spell moron correctly
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Re: Accentuated letters with UTF-8 encoding

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I have the same problem and its preventing my syncs from completing. Typical examples of my music folder are:


I have set the Encoding to UTF-8 but no joy. Are there any other settings I can use?

PS I'm using Snow Leopard and Leopard. I've tried in both directions and have tried OS X's native FTP and SFTP servers.
Thank you.

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Re: Accentuated letters with UTF-8 encoding

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