Cyberduck won't open two almost similar files

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Cyberduck won't open two almost similar files

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I'm working with several installations of one content management system on one server. Therefore I often have to open two equal files with the same name lying in almost the same directory, for instance:

cms1/admin/main.php and

Before I lately updated Cyberduck, I always just opened a new browser window for each of both directories, and could then open both files at the same time in my editor.
Now, if I'm opening the main.php from cms2 while still having the main.php from cms1 open, Cyberduck will just close the opened one, allowing only one of the files to be open at the same time.

I'm assuming this is a new feature to avoid having open multiple instances of the same file, however I really need to turn it off somehow. Is there any way I can do so?

Thanks in advance