Cyberduck trying to access blocked server ports...

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Cyberduck trying to access blocked server ports...

Postby JEIllust » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:01 am

Sorry if this has been asked or answered. I wasn't sure how to search for the issue. A few weeks or month ago after updating Cyberduck to 3.6.1 I began getting this issue. I believe it has to do with Cyberduck automatically trying to use a secure connection or something. After Cyberduck logs in to my website's server, and after a few minutes of moving files... it fails any upload or download. Then another few minutes my whole website is not accessible by me(not sure if anyone else gets blocked or not).

I contacted my website's server and they said something on my computer was attempting to access blocked ports on the server's firewall and the server interpreted this as an attack on the system... thus banning me for 1 hour. I have read about the "active and passive" stuff and know for sure all my FTP bookmarked connections is set to passive FTP. I never got this issue until the latest update. I am guessing Cyberduck is attempting to force all connections so SFTP or something, but again all my bookmarks are set to regular FTP.

Thanks for any help.

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