HELP! need to change existing url to new one

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HELP! need to change existing url to new one

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Forgive me if this sounds confusing as I can't seem to get my head round it.

I currently have a website which I made in Rapidweaver (as I don't have much html etc knowledge). I have a Opencart shop which is sort of integrated in to the site. (I uploaded a page called 'shop', then used opencart to overwrite the page)
Currently there is a link in the header from the main Rapidweaver site:

which opens the Opencart 'shop' page.

The URL for the shop is:

I need to re-name the 'shop' to something like 'shopping mall' but i'm not sure how to create a new URL for the shop,

The reason I need to do this is because every time I go into my Rapidweaver site and make any amendments, I have to rename the 'shop' file in Cyberduck as the file would be overwritten with the old 'shop' page which was originally created in Rapidweaver.
I would like to make the 'shop' page an offsite page so I don't have to keep renaming the file but I need a new URl for the shop and don't know how to do this.

Really sorry if this doesn't make sense. I know what I mean but not sure anyone else will. LOL

Anyway thanks in advance for any help with this.