Greate Program - Overwrite Flaw

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Greate Program - Overwrite Flaw

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So far Cyberduck has been great and I really do like it. I used to use transmit, but for some reason when I choose "Merge" it mutilated my files so I started using Cyberduck because of a recommendation from someone on another forum.

There is one issue that bothers me: When I have to upload a folder containing many files, and every one of these files exists (upgrading software). When I do this the overwrite dialog comes up and lists EVERY single file that needs to be replaced. This takes a very very very long time and I have to wait for it to finish listing the files before I can tell it to replace.

With other FTP programs, like CuteFTP, you have a Queue box at the bottom and it shows the progress of each file. If a file needs to be replaced it asks in a popup "Do you want to replace this file?". You can choose "Yes", "No", and "Yes to All". The Mac version of the CuteFTP, which is out of date, does not have this, which is why I am not using it.

Transmit has something a little different: They show the files like CuteFTP does, but each option as a replace option that you can click while files are being listed. You can also choose an "Apply to All" option.

With Cyberduck I think the best thing you can do is instead of listing every single file list the files at the highest folder levels and have an outline. That way it takes much less time to list. So if I was uploading a few folders: Sources, Kernal, Docs, etc... It would only show me Sources, Kernal, and Docs with the ability to hit an arrow to see inside like the main FTP window does. After all, as I said, the biggest complaint I have is how long it takes.

Anyway I hope my comments might spark an idea or something. So far it works great, besides the one thing that has been bothering me.

Another idea I had is maybe combine the replace thing with your queue window (which is good by the way).
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Post by The_Tick »

I on the other hand prefer how it works.
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Thanks for your thoughts on this - this is great feedback. There is a enhancement ticket about the same at