Enhancements to take from WinSCP

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Enhancements to take from WinSCP

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I'm a big fan of WinSCP when I'm using Windows, and I think Cyberduck could take some of WinSCP's features and be all the better. I've already put in my vote for a two-paned interface. I'll add to the list:

Synchronized browsing. Navigating to a remote directory also navigates the local directory, and vice versa (goes hand-in-hand with a two-paned interface, of course

Compare directories. This is distinct from "synchronize," because it simply highlights the differences between the local and remote directory. This is a convenient non-destructive action that helps see changes.

Also in line the the idea of a two-paned interface, the option to save the local directory with your bookmark. Cyberduck has an option for saving a "download folder," of course, but this doesn't do much good if you're transferring files in the web development process.

I'm a relatively new Cyberduck user, so forgive me if I'm unaware of existing functionality as I've described it. Thanks for listening![/list][/url]
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