Yahoo flooding me with requests

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Yahoo flooding me with requests

Postby MILE » Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:14 am

Okay, I know that this isn't necesseraly the right place to look for help...but since I don't really expect any competent reply from the folks at Yahoo (to whom I have already sent a support message) I just thought I'd try here and see if anybody can help me out here...

Anyway, I have always had the problem that some people seem to confuse me with others and send me weird messages or requests to allow them to add me...I almost got used to clicking away a few of those each time log on...

But since a few days ago each time I log on I have over a hundred(!) such requests pop up on my screen...! The first time I clicked through all of them and since Adium (unfortunately) makes you cklick twice for that kind of action, it was pretty annoying...but I thought, that was it...

Uhm, nope -- every time I log on to Yahoo all those requests come up again...!! The same people, the same old requests, that I have already rejected...!?! What's up with that...?!

It may be a coincidence, but it all started when I updated to 1.1.2...but then again, it now also happens when I use the original Yahoo messenger...

Does anybody have any idea what I could do to finally get rid of all those requests...?! Thanks...!!

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Postby HDipp » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:49 am

I'm experiencing the same thing. The requests I've rejected just pop right back up when I relaunch Adium or disconnect/reconnect.

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Postby evands » Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:14 am

Does this happen with the Adium 1.1.3 beta?
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Postby djmori » Thu Sep 27, 2007 12:56 pm

evands wrote:Does this happen with the Adium 1.1.3 beta?

Yes. Happening in the latest beta.

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