Duplicate contacts won't delete

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Duplicate contacts won't delete

Post by Zezi »

I recently upgraded to Adium 1.4, I now have a recurring problem with duplicate contacts changing groups.

On of my contacts, which is a combined contact (Facebook & MSN), keeps moving itself into my 'Other Friends' category, this makes a duplicate with the contact being in the 'Friends" category also. I clicked on 'Get Info' and have found the Facebook contact keeps placing it there, as it changes the location back whenever I change it.

I have tried to delete it from the group, both by right clicking then 'Delete' and by 'Get Info' and using the - button to remove it from the group, five seconds later this reappears in the group. I have tried deleting the contact outright, it reappears. I have cmd clicked and dragged it to the 'Friends Group', but it moves back. I have tried deleting the entire group, and It remakes the group.

I have deleted, then re-intsalled my facebook account on adium, also I have rebooted the software, the computer, and tried re-installing the software. None of this works.

I have also found that many contacts are doing the same thing, moving into the 'Other Friends' category by themselves, no matter what I have tried to do, all of these are facebook contacts, similarly, they also re-create the group when I delete it.

I cannot live with this, as i only have about 100 contacts, they all need to be correct, so I need this sorting.

Im currently using a Macbook Pro i5 2.4GHz, 4GB ram and have 280 GB free on the HDD, I am running Mac OS 10.6.4. I have only iTunes open elsewhere on the computer.

I have looked around the boards, yet cannot find an example of this problem, but i apologise if this is existing elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Duplicate contacts won't delete

Post by OverSpun »

yup, I have the same problem...

All buddies are duplicating into other groups between into "Recent buddies" and everywhere... A few people are in 3-4 groups now when it was perfect before..

I did try the BETA version before the brand new version a few days back... I downgraded into the older one and it was fine, so I figured this new one would have fixed it...

I dont really want to start deleting extra buddies if it totally deletes people... I'm sure some update could fix it.
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Re: Duplicate contacts won't delete

Post by tiredraven »

I'm also having this problem. Metacontacts that I had organized in 1.3.x now appear in multiple groups in 1.4. The metacontacts will appear in the groups that I had placed them in, but also protocol specific groups and sometimes the new Other Friends group. All attempts to remove the metacontacts from the groups I don't want them to be in fail as the contacts will rejoin those groups moments after removal without any interaction from me. I tried using the option+drag method to move contacts as well as the inspector window, all with the same temporary result. I suspect this has to do with the new feature that allows contacts to exist in multiple groups, however, I can find no way to disable or modify this feature in the preferences or menu systems. Does anyone have any suggestions on what users can do to get their contact lists to appear and behave the way they did in the 1.3.x versions?
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