Issue With XML Making Vienna Run Exceptionally Slowly

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Issue With XML Making Vienna Run Exceptionally Slowly

Postby Deimos » Thu May 29, 2014 11:28 am

One site I take several feeds from suffers from a degree of SPAM postings. Recently a particular type has been causing Vienna to run really slowly.

The issue (exceptionally slow running) occurs when a list containing these SPAM "articles" is on display. Delete them or switch to a different feed and all runs fine again. I do not have any view on the article in Vienna (I read articles using Safari) so it is something to do with the item from the XML file.

I have attached the XML and the articles causing the issues are the "Call Girl" articles/SPAM at the top (most recent) of the xml.

Not wanting to accidentally offend anybody but they are SPAM advertising Call Girls but don't look explicit nor do they include any pictures.

If you require further info please do ask.
XML Problem File.xml
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